Mariam Motamen

The spinning pastry chef
Curiosity, sportiness and pleasure – these 3 keywords perfectly describe Mariam, who is looking for activity in all fields.

Her curiosity was the motor to study International Business Administration at Vienna’s University, then to discover the studies of Molecular Biotechnology at FH Campus Wien, and now to regularly travel to Bonn for her „Master of Drug Regulatory Affairs“.

Training the brain is one thing, but challenging the body is another important bit in Mariams life: She loves to work out in Spinning classes or to stay fit with all sorts of sportive activity.

The highest pleasure for her to eat, to discover the tastes of the world – and to create the most magnificently decorated cakes you can imagine.
Her talent in project management helps her to bring structure in her days filled with activity.

Mariam joined the Team Regulatory Affairs of DREHM Pharma in October 2017, sharing all her skills in a calm, albeit passionate way.