Our Story

The seeds for DREHM Pharma were sewn in 1997 by pharmacist Dr. Ewald Hans Moser. The core idea of the original 2-person company was to grow into something unique, bundling together and developing experts in various positions and departments within the pharmaceutical industry. Ewald used this model to build upon his own long-standing expertise providing Regulatory Counsel in the pharmaceutical industry thus expanding his already rich offerings to clients.

In 2004 DREHM Pharma GmbH was officially founded. At the start, our services were primarily focused on Regulatory Affairs as well as the production and development of drugs. We grew with our clients and have developed long lasting relationships. With new Austrian regulations regarding Pharmacovigilance in 2006, we broadened our expertise in the area of medicine safety and enlarged the scope of our services to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry.

Today DREHM Pharma is the largest pharmaceutical consultant in Austria for the areas of Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Quality Management.
In 2013 our subsidiary DREHM Pharma Strategies was established to add to the portfolio with customized pharma marketing and scientific marketing strategies.

With a continuously growing and developing team of 26, DREHM Pharma offers flexible and professional customer service coupled with solutions-oriented project management.

Our team offers a variety of skill sets and professional experience, including pharmacists for medical doctors and veterinarians, nutritionists, chemists, as well as food and biotechnology experts. Our broad range of qualifications at DREHM Pharma enables us to offer an ever expanding menu of services for our clients.

In addition to our high standard for professional quality and continual development, we equally value soft skills and, most of all, our people.

At DREHM Pharma we are strict on quality, not on people. We invest in continual training as well as health and wellness initiatives in our office. We purpose to create a positive working environment because we know that happy and satisfied employees are our most important success factor. Our employees not only create a more constructive, more pleasant working environment – they also provide more flexible, customer-oriented and quality-conscious work.

The benefits from our investment in people, demand for high quality standards and customer focused service are shared by both our company as a whole and our customers.

All projects are well looked after by our team – professional, fast, friendly and with that extra special something.


Lukas the Lynx, is a skilled hunter with especially good eyesight and a keen sense of hearing. The lynx is also known in some traditional cultures as ‚the keeper of secrets.‘ As the DREHM Pharma mascot, Lukas symbolizes both our keen attention to detail and our vigilance in supporting our clients.

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