A workday in the life of …

… Medical Writer Ana-Marija Valland.

While a structured morning isn’t for everyone, it is a must for Ana-Marija. Whether she goes to the office that day or does home office, her relaxed morning routine includes breakfast, some stretching exercises and her miracle potion, warm lemon water with honey. 🍋

Ana-Marija usually works three days from home and comes to the office twice a week. The change of scene helps her to bring variety in, and the 20-minute walk to the office is also a great way to get her head cleared before work.

Arriving at 9:00, she checks her e-mails and writes her to-do list for the day. 📝 She also plans a time frame for each task – which she then usually exceeds. 😉

Her fondness for structure is also a great help for her work in medical writing. With the many different projects it is important to keep an overview, but it is precisely this variety that Ana-Marija loves at work, every day is different. What helps her stay focused throughout the day? Chewing gum and the strong DREHM coffee of course. ☕️

Around 17:00 she goes home again and uses the time to talk to her sisters in Macedonia. Ana-Marija likes to dedicate the rest of the day to her creative hobbies, such as embroidery, scrapbooking or ceramic painting 🎨 and prefers to gift the finished creations to friends.

On home office days, Ana-Marija likes to dress up and put on a chic outfit, so she almost feels like sitting in the office. 😊

For Ana-Marija the 3:2 model works great, like this she creates the perfect balance between office and home office!