Beate Diesslbacher

The Musical Office-Manager

Beate literally ensures good sound at DREHM, not only as a friendly first point of contact in the office: she has been an enthusiastic violin player since childhood or enchants with her voice as a choir member.

But Beate can not only be heard at parties and in church, but also regularly in the mountains – she likes to sing and listen to her echo while hiking. Whenever possible, Beate spends time in nature, especially in her second home, Styria. Always there: husband, child and their camera.

She had had DREHM Pharma on her radar as a dream employer for a long time: After positions in medical technology and IT, it finally worked out on her 3rd attempt – and now she has the entire office management at DREHM in focus.

Beate was born for it: down to earth, always in a good mood and with many years of experience in customer service, she is used to organizing processes and people. And she always hits the right note.