Karolína Lukačiková

The Renaissance Girl

Always interested in biology and chemistry alike, Karolína chose pharmaceutics as the topic of her studies. After graduating as a pharmacist, Karolína was not initially certain on where to focus her career. Upon attending a job fair to scope out the possibilities she decided to try her hand at Pharmacovigilance. As fate would have it, she has found her passion in the field and has been focusing on her career in the area ever since. She has joined DREHM as PV Manager in 2023.

Describing herself as a generalist, in her free time she has always strived to try new things and do a little bit of everything – drawing (manually and digitally), painting, learning to play musical instruments (piano, guitar, ukulele, recorder), recently even testing out pottery and embroidery.

A day when she gets to do something creative is a good day in her book. Otherwise, she loves the company of good friends and enjoys an evening spent playing board games.