Olga Zarychta

The Dot-Connector

During her linguistic studies, Olga suspected that her future would relate to either audiovisual or medical translation. Having moved to Prague after graduation, she found an opportunity to work as a translator of medical reports in a PV project. This is how she entered the Pharmacovigilance world, learnt more about its specificities and rules, and immediately felt it’s a field she wants to explore further!

With her never-ending curiosity for learning new things, she’s always open to getting involved in different tasks, especially when they involve investigations and problem solving. Her enthusiasm for riddles started already in her childhood when she became a fan of the Scooby Doo series.

These days, Olga enjoys criminal and mystery literature, but she’s also fascinated by history books (and history in general!), the classics and novels. Being an outgoing person, Olga loves attending concerts, movies, board games and karaoke – ideally with a group of friends!