Food Supplements

Dietary Supplements: Food Supplements and Dietary Foods

According to the definition of the Austrian food safety and consumer protection act (LMSVG):

Food Supplements
are „foodstuffs, the purpose of which is to supplement the normal diet and which are single or concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, and marketed in dose form [… ]. „
Dietary Foods
are foods that are suitable for certain groups of people due to their ingredients and nutritional composition.

To qualify as a dietary food, three points must be true. Dietary foods must be:

  • Suitable for the diet of a certain segment of the population
  • Serve a specific nutritional purpose
  • Differ significantly from traditional foods

Food supplements and dietary foods do not have to be registered in Austria, but must comply with the current applicable international and local laws.

Challenges lie especially in differentiating food supplements from dietary foods and medicines, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and the task of making promotionally effective statements about the products in spite of all limitations and Health Claim Regulations.

How does DREHM Pharma support you with Food Supplements?

**Team Food Supplements** [Meet the Team!][4]

Team Food Supplements Meet the Team!

Market access and borderline products

DREHM Pharma reviews food supplements and dietary foods on marketability and issues relating to borderline products in accordance with current European and national requirements.

Various points to consider:

  • Can the product be marketed as foodstuff at all?
  • Are the ingredients permitted? Are permitted limits exceeded?
  • Is the mandatory information correctly presented on the label?
  • Does the product comply with health claims and nutrition information of the Health Claim Regulation?


DREHM Pharma expertly creates and revises labels and prescribing information for your food supplements and dietary foods.

Advertising and Health Claims

DREHM Pharma offers solutions and suggestions for effective advertising and allowed claims in accordance with the Health Claims Regulation. DREHM Pharma also undertakes the release of all promotional materials.

Product ideas and product development

DREHM Pharma helps you to find the optimal strategy for developing and marketing your food supplements and dietary food. We will assist you from the first steps of development through complete product rollout, so that your product success in not handicapped by any legal missteps.

Regulatory support

DREHM Pharma is your partner for continuous support. Our job is to keep on top of all developments and keep you informed of all changes in the requirements for food supplements and dietary foods. This knowledge transfer enables you to focus your energy on making timely adjustments mandatory for the success of your products.


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