Project Management

Project management is a widespread discipline, which has meanwhile adopted a variety of definitions and occurrences and is also handled differently by different industries. But what exactly is it that makes the project world so exciting, dynamic and complex? The quote from author John Steinbeck (author) hits the mark as far as possible:

„Life is mainly about dealing with the unforeseen.“

If you want to lead a successful project, you should not only carry out thorough planning in advance, but also have the flexibility to adapt to changes in the environment at any time, without jeopardizing the project’s goal.
Reality shows that even the most well-planned project must overcome some hurdles in implementation, because the reality is often a bit different:

What does DREHM Pharma offer for your projects?

Complex project requirements

Often, the mountain of tasks seems so high that the target is not visible. DREHM Pharma helps you break down the complex requirements of your project into simple work packages in order to process them with ease.

Emotional Intelligence

As everywhere in life, project management also deals with the emotions and needs of different actors. This requires the identification of key persons and groups and an adapted, efficient communication strategy.

Project management documentation

DREHM Pharma creates high-quality PM documentation for you, such as project plans, activity trackers, diagrams and overviews. The visualization of core information is an integral part of project communication and transparency.


Changed business requirements

The constant change that accompanies our lives is also noticeable in projects. Often, laws or corporate goals that can have a direct impact on the project are changing. DREHM helps you to respond to these changes without jeopardizing the success of your project.


Thinking out of the box

DREHM Pharma believes that no project is unachievable. Creative approaches – in accordance with the law – can be used and often, a suspectedly unsolvable situation appears in a new light.


We are happy to assist in every phase of your project:

Project Planning

Definition of project scope, project plan, project guidelines and – procedures

Project Leading

Provision of project vision and direction, assignment of work tasks and coordination of activities

Project Organization

Setting up the project structure, roles and responsibilities

Project Controlling

Measurment: Review of the progress of the project to achieve set objectives
Evaluation: Determining the cause of deviations from the plan
Correction: Take corrective action to correct deviations

Project Closure

Lessons Learned – formal conclusion of the project and subsequent review

You are already in the starting blocks and need support? We are happy to share our experience with you. Contact us here!