Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Change – it is a sign of the times. We live in a world of continual improvement, and the pharmaceutical world is no different. In this industry, keeping on top of everything and combining current regulations with innovative solutions is essential for success.

This is where we come in – DREHM Pharma offers training and gives you the competitive edge to excel by providing the legal foundations and advice for practical implementation through:

  • Presentations
  • Conferences
  • In-House Trainings

In addition to outsourcing and consultancy services, DREHM Pharma offers knowledge and experience to grow your knowledge base.

How does DREHM Pharma support you with Training?

True to our motto, we love sharing our experience with you – in many ways.

Our presentations offer insight to help you better understand the industry. We speak at conferences as well as host conferences of our own to further share our expertise.

We offer in-house trainings and workshops. For about the same price of sending a few representatives to a training or conference, we can come to your workplace and create a customized training plan to meet your specific needs and train your teams. Our in-house trainings provide a cost effective, efficient solution to help move you and your company along on the path to success.

In addition, we invite you to join us at the DREHMINAR – our very own conference designed to inspire and delight our clients and partners. The DREHMINAR is a special opportunity for clients to broaden their knowledge base, network and open the door for more cooperation in the future.



In-house trainings

  • Creating customized trainings for your company and teams
  • We offer trainings with both theoretical and practical emphases.


  • Hosting our own conference for clients and partners
  • We offer a robust knowledge base with state-of-the-art updates and plenty of opportunities to network.

New In-house Trainings

  • eMarketing – Welcome to the world of digital marketing! In an intensive 4-hour workshop, we will introduce you to an overview of essential eMarketing topics, including Google Adwords, data & analysis, sales presentations on the iPad (iDetailing) and other aspects of eMarketing. This workshop not only gives you a working understanding of all that eMarketing has to offer, but also the knowledge that you need for building a solid eMarketing strategy.
  • SEO Analysis – You are already online and you have even updated your website – now what? We illuminate mystery of SEO optimization: what it is about and why it is important for your company. With insights eMarketing and digital market trends, this workshop provides recommendations on how you can optimize your communication and raise your business to the next level online.
  • Social Media Strategy – Social Media, Social Marketing and Social Networking – Where to begin? In today’s market, it is clear social media is more than just a passing trend. We help you decipher the mysteries of social media, and tap into the appropriate social networks for your target audience. With this workshop we help you to identify a coordinated mix of social media to focus in on and engage your target group.

Your success is our goal – contact us today!