Team Medical Writing

With a dedicated focus on Medical Writing, DREHM Pharma ensures that all of your i’s are dotted and your t’s crossed!

Andrea Zudrell

The vivid explorer

With a big appetite for exploring the world and a bag full of ideas, Andrea set off and left her home in Western Austria to see places. She first moved to London and savored the city life, then travelled to South East Asia and Africa.

After returning to Vienna, she studied veterinary medicine and followed, hence following love for books and her strong interest in all kind of animals – the big and very small ones. Yet she’s very fond of a particular one – her dog Kathi.

Both Kathi and her darling best-daughter-ever keep her on her toes with their vivacity and jollyness.

A passionate character, Andrea now follows her new passion at DREHM Pharma: Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance.

Eva Bauer

The Eagle-Eye


Whenever possible, Eva is out in the open air – you can meet her on the back of her Icelandic horse, hiking hills and woods in Austria and abroad – or while fancying archery.
Whatever she does, she always carries her camera with her, as photography is one of her big passions – and she needs her keen eye for both photograpy and archery.
On a rainy day, she enjoys doing her regular Yoga-workout or spinning around some Salsa moves.

A little whirlwind, Eva started early to discover the mysteries of nature, which resulted in her joining the world of science:
Eva studied biomedicine and biotechnology and spent some time in Leipzig where she took part in a visiting research fellowship.
Back home, she finished her PhD-studies and discovered the joy of writing.

In 2016, Eva joined the DREHM Pharma Medical Writing-Team and shares her photographic skills whenever necessary.

Sandra Götsch-Schmidt

The Horse Lady
Sandra loves the natural world and all its creatures (although some more than others). Her innate curiosity gives her a strong thirst for knowledge, which she tries to satisfy with many different experiences and varied interests.

Her strong love of animals lead her to study veterinary medicine. After graduating from university she followed the tracks of James Herriet by working at a mixed practice in England for two years. Indulging further in her wanderlust sent her to even more remote corners of the earth. Whilst trying to improve her karma by working for various animal welfare organizations around the world, she started her quest to discover new bird species to add to her life-list. After spending several years away from home, she followed her heart back to Austria, knowing that there really is no place like home. She dove back into her studies in a doctoral program where she discovered the joy of scientific research and medical writing.

In 2009, Sandra joined the DREHM Pharma Regulatory Affairs Team.

Meanwhile, she is head of our Medical Writing department and joined the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA).
When she is not composing new literary masterpieces, she can be found out and about horse riding, mountaineering and bird watching.
Sandra thrives on new challenges, especially where creativity is required, and always keeps a keen bird-watcher’s eye on the fine details.