Team Food Supplements

We have everything you need to nourish your Food Supplements and Dietary Foods products.

Anna Wultsch

The sunshine lady


Here comes an optimistic person to the core!

With a smile on her face, Anna enjoys a variety of things like travelling, cooking, dancing, crocheting, swimming, folding origami cranes to relief daily stress or just hanging with friends. She’s a real sucker for literature – no book is safe! – and music: humming and singing in every situation, Anna likes to perform in a band.
But that’s just half her talent: During her studies in biotechnology and molecular microbiology, Anna travelled for research all the way to New Zealand (Plant and Food Research) and worked at the university to share laboratory skills with doctors-to-be.

Since fall 2014 she’s up to new challenges with supporting the DREHM Team in Regulatory Affairs and Food Supplements.

Karin König

The creative Herbalist


For as long as she can remember, Karin has always felt at home in the garden. Her love of plants goes back to her first experiments cultivating vegetables and herbs, as well as making her own organic products such as lip balm.

Currently she grows about 50 different herbs, including some unique and rare items. In addition to her botanical passions, Karin is also pationate about handicraft and various types of needlework. She loves to work with natural fibers and to dye natural materials with various herbs.

With a degree in Food Science and Biotechnology, Karin enjoys working in the field of Regulatory Affairs.

Meanwhile she decided to go back to her „roots“ and devote herself to the study of applied plant sciences. This focused study helps Karin gain a much deeper understanding about the work that she is already doing and helps to open even more opportunities for the future. She loves finding connections, especially in herbal medicines, between her work at DREHM Pharma and her study at the university.

Mario Koller

Mr Ants-In-His-Pants

„We Can Do It!“ – this is what describes Mario in a perfect way.
Being producer and screenwriter of „Blockbuster – life is a movie“ – Austria’s first self-financed fund-raising motion picture, dedicated to support St. Anna’s Children’s Cancer Research Institute – just in his spare time? No problem!

Finding DREHM Pharma turned out to be the ideal match to his philosophy: A company working, acting and thinking out of the box, not shy of stepping onto unknown paths.

After starting in the fields of Regulatory Affairs and Medical Writing of drug products, his current expertise is focused on Food/Dietary Supplements and Business Development.
In addition, Mario is lecturer at Danube University Krems.

To give is initial studies of veterinary medicines a special extra, Mario added his pharma management MBA to his portfolio – to follow DREHM’s vision and attain the common goals of DREHM and their clients in a sustainable way.