Team Pharmacovigilance

We offer you around the clock Pharmacovigilance support.

Alexandra Slawik

The Family Adventurer


Alexandra is usually one of the first people scooting into our office every morning, and she brightens up each day for us with her sunshine smile. She loves people, but it can be tricky to catch her, as she doesn’t stay in the same spot for very long. She bounces around our office, with unbridled activity, accomplishing tasks and spreading cheer where ever she goes. Outside of work, she enjoys darting around Vienna on her Vespa, meeting with friends, taking trips to distant lands and immersing herself in other cultures.

Because of Alexandra’s love for life and people, she chose to study medicine. In 2009, by a happy coincidence, Alexandra left the world of research to join us at DREHM Pharma. Her extensive medical knowledge and research experience are a perfect match for our Pharmacovigilance department.

Meanwhile Alexandra is an active mother who masters the art of balancing her professional enthusiasm and her unsteadiness.

Leema Cyril

The Dancing Globetrotter
How she loves to spend time with her family! Leema’s husband and her two charming daughters are her favorite companions when she discovers mother nature and travels around the globe.
She is also a passionate dancer and choreographer of Indian dances – including classic Indian dance, Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dancing.

Her professional life already began during her studies of Pharmacy, when she worked as licensed pharmacist in both public and hospital pharmacies.
In addition, Leema gained some experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the Quality Control department, and thanks to her soft spot for Chemistry, she joined the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Globetrotting to Australia for her thesis in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology and for an internship in Canada, she took the opportunity to improve her English skills and to meet and understand people from different cultures.

Now Leema discovers the world of Pharmacovigilance after joining DREHM Pharma in September 2016 as Pharmacovigilance Manager.
DREHM is happy to benefit from Leema’s experience in clinical pharma and the team loves her positive energy and joie de vivre.

Richard Ofner-Erath

The Treasure Hunter

Ever since Richard was a little boy, he had a deep fondness for hiking in the mountains. As passion goes, he has still a big heart for nature and enjoys hiking with his friends whenever possible.

Up in the mountains, his dear companion is his GPS receiver, as Richard is a bugger for Geocaching – like a hunter of hidden treasures, he is looking for GPS coordinates.
During the cold season, you can meet him in badminton courts or on his workbench, working on various model kits.

His professional career path is far from being a straight line, with the occasional corner:
after studying Environmental System Sciences and Biomedicine, he had a short interlude as Poker dealer and finally made his way from Graz to Vienna to join DREHM Pharma’s Pharmacovigilance team in 2017, contributing his eye for treasure to the field of Drug Safety.

Stefan Zohmann

The climbing Explorer
Stefan is an explorer at heart. In earlier years, he traveled far and wide with his wife to discover new cultures, countries and continents. Today he turns his attention more locally towards unknown regions to explore with his wife and three children. Whether traveling here or abroad, his camera is always at the ready to capture his experience on film.

His explorers nature rings true in his professional career as well. After studying veterinary medicine (including studies in the U.S. and a research internship in Peru) and four years working as an archaeozoologist at excavations in both Turkey and Greece, he found his current adventure at DREHM Pharma in 2006.

Within this new environment he eagerly delved into the ever changing world of Pharmacovigilance. He wakes bright and early each day eager to face new and exciting challenges.

As the Head of Pharmacovigilance and a junior partner, Stefan is thrilled to work with the management team navigating the DREHM adventure and exploring new horizons.

Susanne Huber

A creative and balanced all-rounder

Following her studies in nutritional science and a long-year experience as product specialis and Patient Support Manager, Susanne made a step behind the pharmaceutical industry scenes, gaining her expertise in Medical and Regulatory Affairs. Now she finally found her spot on the vivid stage of Pharmacovigilance.

In her private time, her inspiration comes from art and culture, but foremost from her daughter.
Aiming for perfect inner balance and being able to face daily challenges with a smile, she is a Hatha Yoga enthusiast.
Her catchy cheerfulness and neverending creativity are her main features.

She joined the DREHM Team Pharmacovigilance in May 2015 and supports the Team Medical Writing on a case-by-case basis.

Tina Kreiner

The Anglophile Fashionista
From a very early age, Tina’s heart has been drawn towards both science and legal practice. Since she couldn’t limit herself to just one, Tina has found a way to combine both. After studying microbiology, she soon discovered the world of Pharmacovigilance where she really can utilize her wonderful passion for the natural sciences as well as her affinity for legal matters.

While at the EMA in England, Tina realized the simple truth: She is a London-maniac – an Anglophile and simply giddy about all things British. Her weaknesses include British museums, theaters and fashion.

Her interest for the British theatre was the reason why she started acting classes. Regardless whether she is performing deep emotions or working on elocution and phonetic training, Tina is always dressed to the nines. From fashion shows to magazines to Oxford Street, Tina loves keeping on top of fashion trends while adding in a special twist of her own.

Today, Tina eagerly applies her skills and talents to DREHM Pharma in both the Pharmacovigilance and Quality Management departments, completely accessorized with her latest fashion ensemble.

Verena Ambros

The diligent tea drinker

Verena is a recurring phenomenon at DREHM Pharma, as she was part of the pharmacovigilance team for the first time in 2016.
To celebrate her graduation, Verena decided to explore Europe on an Interrail trip and discovered her passion for travelling. She then moved to Oxford for a year, which remains her second home to this day and is regularly visited.

Back in Vienna, Verena devoted herself entirely to the study of biotechnology. During a Clinical Studies lecture she became aware of pharmacovigilance and got a taste of this area during an internship at Drehm.

Besides photography, reading and yin yoga, Verena loves anything british and needs her Cuppa as her daily elixir of life.
After her diploma thesis with a month abroad in Grenoble and a trip to New Zealand, Verena returned to the DREHM Pharmacovigilance Team in April 2018, where she now works as a PV Manager.