Team Product Development & Production

We materialize your ideas with our Product Development and Production services.

Ewald H. Moser

„Ewaldus Hypermotoricus Magnus“


Starting with his first experience in pharmaceutical development at GEBRO, Ewald has earned himself this title due to his continual movement and crosschecking.

In the style of a true generalist – developing a broad knowledge and experience base in a variety of fields while not limiting himself or becoming extremely specialized in any one area – Ewald carved out his own career path to match his personal style. He really has worked in almost all areas of pharmacy: Pharmaceutical development, laboratory analysis, manufacturing, Regulatory and Medical Affairs as well as clinical studies. With this broad basis, Ewald not only shares his experience as a service provider within his own company, but also with other pharmaceutical companies as well through consultancy services.

His vision of building up DREHM Pharma from the start in 1997 with efficient and friendly people has been paying off both emotionally and financially. His credo is well known and cherished by all, „If there is any day where you dread coming into the office, or you don’t want to do the work, come and talk to me. We will find a solution together.” This philosophy has helped grow DREHM Pharma considerably in size. Today, Ewald is further supported by three junior partners in the management team. He feels confident passing responsibilities onto their brilliant minds and capable shoulders.

At this stage in his illustrious career, Ewald still lives up to his title as a „high-energy power“ at work as well as with his family. He especially enjoys traveling around and actively supporting the diverse athletic and musical ambitions of his young children with the whole family.

Johanna Klocker

the ChocolateYogi

Always riding on the crest of a wave, Johanna swam her way happily through childhood and many swimming competitions. Later at university, she transitioned from nutrition science into the pharmaceutical world.

To keep her spirits and energy high, she always makes sure that her favorite treat and energy booster, chocolate, is within easy reach. At DREHM Pharma, her fully stocked chocolate drawer is well known (and often visited) by all! As a student, Johanna used to swim laps around Lake Constance (Bodensee) to compensate for the extra calories, but after moving to Vienna, Johanna found a new solution: Yoga! She greets every morning with sun salutations and every evening with meditative repose.

In this way, Johanna stays both spiritually and physically in shape while pushing her career ever forward.
Currently she expertly juggles several different hats in our office (including Regulatory Affairs, Market Access, and as Head of Quality Management and Product Development/Production with calm nerves, a cool head and the sweetness of chocolate.

Marcus Seibold

The Scientist
Marcus is a scientist to the core. All need to be measured and evaluated – if reincarnation hits him one day, he’ll turn into a measuring device.

Lux, dBA, °C, PM2,5, µSv/h, %rH, IR-photography, ppm CO2, % O2, etc. – well, he’s only missing a double-beam spectrometer – so let Santa know….

It only reasonable that he has a big heart for the release and stability specifications of our finished drug products. Also, he’s totally on fire to closely monitor shipping logger data.
Naturally, Marcus is a great asset to our production and quality management department.

With his mind filled with measuring data and collected information, it was a small step into Knowledge Management, his MBA major during his studies abroad.
By coincidence, ICH Q9 and ICH Q10 have been published during his study era, therefore the ICH-related requirements of Knowledge- and Quality Risk Management create a perfect link between sociological Management theories and applied Quality Management. All perfect reasons why Marcus joined DREHM Pharma in Spring 2017.

Martin Pairer

The Breakfast Athlete
A true sports lover at heart, Martin readily applies his athletic skills whenever there is something to tackle at DREHM Pharma. When he is not sprinting across Vienna, climbing over obstacles or jumping to the next challenge, Martin likes to enjoy his quiet moments as well. He loves a hearty breakfast and has already launched Martin’s Breakfast Column; a collection of text and images documenting his personal breakfast adventures. To complement his active lifestyle, he also enjoys a relaxed evening at home solving jigsaw puzzles.

Martin is always open to new things, and he is not afraid to take on new challenges. With this spirit, he transitioned from studying biotechnology and working as a researcher at the University of Natural Resources and Life Science to working as an active software tester. In 2012, he found his way to DREHM Pharma where he expands his skills sets even further while keeping an ever watchful eye over the production processes and quality assurance of implemented Quality Management systems of our clients.

True to his personal motto „Standing still is a step backwards,“ he is constantly trying to acquire new knowledge and help DREHM Pharma reach new heights more effectively.