The future of work. 🚀

This week we had very special visitors.

We had the opportunity to invite a high school class over to talk about New Work and show them how we work at DREHM. And who better to do this than our CEO and New Work enthusiast Mario Koller?

How would you like to work in the future ❓

That was the starting question. And although the ideas of the students are partially very different, they agreed: in the future I want to decide for myself how I work.

And that’s exactly what New Work is. The freedom to decide how, when and where I work. But also have the opportunity to experiment, to bring in interests and to develop potentials. Then work becomes something that strengthens us. 💪

These are the very ideas we discussed with the students and hopefully were able to introduce them to New Work and encourage them to question existing structures, try things out and go their own way.

It was a very refreshing and interesting exchange, which showed once again that we should talk to the younger generation more often than about them. This is the only way we can develop and shape the future of work together. 🎯