❗️ Working with AI instead of against it.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more relevant and is seen more often as a threat than an opportunity, especially in the world of work.

In both cases, it makes sense to engage with the topic in order to understand what AI means for us and our work, what changes it brings about, and how to work with it rather than against it. 💡

For this reason, we established the DRAIHM working group a couple months ago, which deals precisely with these issues.

But in the vast world of AI you can quickly get lost at first. To find the right starting point, we enlisted the help of two AI experts, Sebastian Knigge and David Lercher from PwC.

The two gave us a first overview of the topic in a workshop. We now know more

👉 about AI functions and applications.

👉 We can differentiate between different types of AI.

👉 And we are now also familiar with the terms “Prompting”, “Embedding” and “Fine Tuning”.

Thank you for the informative workshop!

We are curious to see where the journey with AI is going and we will keep you updated. 🚀