A workday in the life of …

… PV Support Laura Hirschler.

Laura’s day usually starts around 8:00 – ideally with a snuggle session with her cat Loui. 🐈 Of course, the morning coffee should not be missing and before she turns on the laptop, she quickly tidies up the apartment and waters her plants. Only when this is done can the worday can begin!

Laura lives in Graz and has set up her workplace at home. She is also studying pharmacy and works flexibly, usually three hours in the morning. Her journey at DREHM began with an internship in quality management until she finally found her way into pharmacovigilance. Here she supports the team and is mostly occupied with literature search and analysis of adverse reactions. 🔍

At 12:00 she is done with work. Lunch, a little play with Loui, and then she has to go to the lab. 👩‍🔬 She usually stays there until 17:00. She tries to use the evening for her favorite leisure activities.

This includes cooking dinner and trying out the latest vegetarian recipes. Drawing, meeting friends and – Laura’s greatest passion – playing the violin. 🎻 She has been playing since childhood and still inspires even today at concerts in front of large audiences.

For Laura, flexibility in the job is indispensable. Thanks to home office and the flexible schedule of hours, her studies and hobbies can be perfectly combined with her working world!