A workday in the life of…

… PV-Manager Erika Vykouk.

Although Erika gets up at 6:30, she likes to take time in the morning. Having breakfast together with her husband is part of the daily ritual and helps her to start the day relaxed. Her home is just a short walk from the Prague office. Ideal for Erika – this way she brings exercise into everyday life and does not have to be annoyed by the morning traffic. 😉

Arriving at the office, she starts work between 8:30 and 9:00. Her daily to-dos are often very different – but that’s what Erika loves about pharmacovigilance – it never gets boring! Erika particularly likes her desk. On it you will find among other things a pile of cardboard boxes. They are not only good as a laptop holder, but also as a secret hiding place for sweets. 🍬

At 12:00, it’s time for her lunch break. She usually spends it with colleagues in the nearby canteen – but in the summer she also likes to cook with fresh vegetables from her garden. In the afternoon she continues working on her to-do list and sometimes takes over the role of DJane for our social broadcast. 🎧 Just the right thing for Erika – especially when it’s going to get loud, because rock and metal make her heart beat faster!

At 5 p. m. , she usually finishes work and spends the rest of the day doing housework, meeting friends and playing board games. 🎲 Once a month she visits her family in Slovakia and then works from there. There she often takes breaks during work to spend time with her family and for short strokes with the two dogs.

For Erika, the office is the perfect place to work. But she can also work from Slovakia and thus combine work and family in an ideal way!