A workday in the life of…

… PV-Manager Sophie Bramberger.

Sophie lives in Upper Austria and works mainly from home. She has set up her own office – this allows her to work undisturbed, but also makes it easier to separate her work and private life.

Sophie’s working days are usually very different, but they always start with the same morning routine. She gets up at 6:30 and is immediately awaited by her three hungry cats. 🐈 After having breakfast, she turns on her laptop at 7:00 and starts planning her tasks, which are different from day to day – so boredom rarely arises!

What should not be missing on her desk is a pot of herbal tea, preferably with fresh peppermint and sage from her garden. 🌿 At 12:00 she takes a lunch break and no matter how hot it is outside, she always cooks herself. After her break, she either continues to work or looks after her horse. No matter if she goes for a ride or is just there for a short time to manure – in the stable Sophie can come down and recharge her battery. 😀

After her long lunch break, she does the rest of the work in the evening. When there is still time, she enjoys spending it with her cats, reading novels and refreshing her veterinary knowledge with the help of various courses.

For Sophie, Home Office has proven to be an ideal way of working. At home she is more productive and can take care of her horse at any time thanks to the flexible working hours.