A workday in the life of …

… QM & Operations Project Manager Maximilian Steindl.

Describing Max’s typical workday is not so easy – it looks different every day. He works flexibly, depending on his schedule or how nice the weather is outside. ☀️ Because he lives in Lower Austria, he mostly works from home, but tries to go to the office once a week.

Since the distances at home are quite short, he sleeps out in the morning and usually starts at 8:00 with work. While he checks his e-mails, he has breakfast and looks at his schedule for that day. As a QM & Project Manager, he often has routine tasks that he does in the mornings. He is flexible in the afternoon and evening.

When the sky is clear, he occasionally makes his way to the airfield after lunch. Max is a passionate pilot and spends as much time as possible in the air. ✈️ In the evening he continues to work and often has a video call with customers from all over the world. 🌎

He also volunteers in the rescue service and sometimes works night shifts. On those days he starts work a little later. One thing is clear: Max doesn’t get bored so quickly! 🙂

For Max, flexibility in everyday working life is a must. This is the best way to combine his work with his private and voluntary activities.