Detection, evaluation, prevention of suspicions…

… a case for Inspector Columbo? 🕵️

No, it’s a case for the Pharmacovigilance-team!

Because we are not writing about criminal cases here, but about suspected cases of side effects or other drug-related problems. 💊

❗️ The primary objective of pharmacovigilance is to ensure the safety of proprietary medicinal products for humans or animals.

We achieve this by means of ongoing and systematic monitoring 🔍 in order to be able to take appropriate risk minimizing measures.

Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of our 12-member PV team. And thanks to our many years of experience in drug safety, we can find the right solution even in tricky cases.

From full or partial support to project-based orders – we offer our customers an established pharmacovigilance system for every task. For human and veterinary medicinal products as well as for clinical trials. 🧪

And speaking of inspectors – if the pharmacovigilance inspector is at the door, then of course we are also prepared. 😃💪

Stay tuned, soon there will be much more from our diverse PV team!