Hurray, the AkaDREHMie is here! 🥳

We are pleased to finally present the AkaDREHMie – a place for knowledge transfer in the fields of pharmaceuticals, healthcare and management.

💡 AkaDREHMie offers a comprehensive programme of workshops and seminars, led by leading experts from DREHM and the entire pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

True to our motto #SharingTheExperience, we create a place where knowledge is lived and shared to learn and grow together. 🌻

In the coming months, 54 unique seminars and workshops will be held – and there’s really something for everyone! The topics range from management and new leadership to marketing and communication to in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge.

Discover the variety of AkaDREHMie, browse through our wide range and secure a place in your favorite seminar or workshop 👉

We look forward to seeing you! 💛