As rare as purple eyes.

The common path of subcontracting a task to a service provider is well known, has been walked 1000 times and takes months of careful planning, training and implementation.

However, there are these incredibly rare situations that are so rare that you only encounter them once. 💡

A team that has been working together for years in perfect symbiosis and well-oiled precision, is specialized in pharmacovigilance and has experience in many different projects. Such a team can jump head first into any project and make it work within a short few weeks.

Is that what you’re dreaming of? 💭

DREHM has such a PV team that is fully dedicated to a customer and willing to set up or take over any PV system and make sure it is inspection ready!

Whether large or small, short-term or long-term projects – our team is equipped to handle it all!

👉 Take advantage of this unique opportunity and contact us via for more information.

Meeting someone with purple eyes is less likely than being blown away by this rare team, you bet?