Our Unique Production Department – Part #1

💊 A production department without products? Yes, we have that at DREHM.

🤔 And what do they do? A lot!

Even though we do not sell our own pharmaceuticals at DREHM Pharma, there is always a lot to do in the production department – because the journey from the idea to the drug ready for the market can be a complex one.

Our team accompanies you step by step or offers support in a specific phase – from product development to batch certification! 🌐🛠️

Our services at a glance:

📃 Batch certification

🤓 Assumption of statutory functions (AMBO/GMDP)

🔎 GMDP Audits

✅ Validation and qualification of your processes and devices

🗃️ Setting up and supporting your quality management system

💡 Advice and support on any questions related to GMDP

Our dedicated team combines many years of experience with the spirit to constantly engage in new projects and ideas. ✨

This is how we help you bring your products to market with GMDP expertise. 💪

Stay tuned, you will soon learn much more about our unique production department!