Preparation is not everything, but without preparation everything is nothing. 💡

You probably remember the AkaDREHMie that we presented recently. Our new educational program for knowledge transfer in the fields of pharmaceuticals, healthcare and management.

In order to support our internal lecturers in the best possible way in preparing for the seminars, Johanna Gugler has come up with three special workshops. She is not only a pharmaceutical marketing ace, but also a certified spokesperson and trainer for adult education.

📝 We started with the topic of seminar design: How do I best structure a seminar to optimize knowledge transfer and create entertaining, impactful events?

In the second workshop everything revolved around voice and language. 🗣 We have received tips & tricks on how to engage our participants not only with the content but also with language and with the right warm-up exercises, we will certainly not lose our voice.

Last but not least, Johanna gave us tips on how to further underline and structure the content with body language. Ever heard of high and low status?

In combination with professional expertise, we have all the ingredients for effective training and are looking forward to our assignments 💪

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We look forward to seeing you!