A workday in the life of …

… Medical Writer Ravdip Guron.

Ravdip switches between working in the office and from home, combining the best of both. Due to her sociable nature, she appreciates the personal exchange with her colleagues very much and tries to go to the office twice a week.

The early bird catches the worm – that’s why she gets up at 6:30 a.m., eats breakfast, gets ready and is quickly in the office. Her first stop is the DREHM Café – there you will find not only the first colleagues, but also the strongest coffee in the world ☕️ perfect to wake up!

Ravdip has only been with DREHM for a few months, but is thriving in her role as a medical writer! 🙂 Her desire for knowledge and determination drives her forward and through the varied projects, she learns every day. Always ready: her notebook – here she documents her work steps and the most important information about the project. 📝 Because with so much new knowledge you can quickly forget something.

Around 12:00 she joins her colleague for the lunch break. She then continues to work until 15:00. She usually devotes the rest of the day to her nutritional studies, ending the evening with a homemade dish 👩‍🍳 and a sitcom.

When she works from home, she also likes to use the lunch time for a quick Pilates or HIIT workout. So she can integrate her beloved fitness units, ideally into her working day. 💪

For Ravdip, the combination of working in the office and from home has proven to be the best way to reconcile work and her personal life!