What does yoga have to do with New Work? 🧘‍♀️

Every Wednesday morning, a voluntary yoga class takes place in our office. Because the hour is streamed live, employees can easily participate from home.

How does this relate to New Work?

👉 The weekly yoga class was a suggestion of the staff.

👉 It was voted democratically.

👉 The organization is handled by the employees themselves.

New Work thus also expresses itself in letting employees participate in shaping the corporate culture and giving them the freedom and responsibility to organize themselves.

In addition, employees who do one hour of exercise in the office during their working day can count half of the time as working time. In this way, we also want to support them with physical exercise in their daily working lives! 💪

And we now have so many enthusiastic yogi(ni)s that we already have our own storage space for the mats in the office. 😀

Do you have similar sports programs for employees? How does New Work manifest itself in your company?