Alexandra Slawik

The Active

Alexandra is usually in the office early and immediately brightens the day of her colleagues due to her cheerful nature. Her cheerfulness is inseparable from her unbridled drive for activity and enterprise.

Alexandra prefers to be fascinated by life itself. She loves spending time with her family and friends, hiking in nature as well as travelling to countries near and far to be carried away by culture, life and people.

This love for human beings also led her to choose the study of human medicine. By a happy coincidence, Alexandra ended up at DREHM Pharma after a detour into the world of research and has been working in pharmacovigilance since 2009.

Combining a passion for work and free time with her family, Alexandra faces professional challenges as QPPV and Head of Pharmcovigilance every day with a cool head, strengthened nerves and a calm manner.