Alisha Akii

The Networker

Read a newspaper in the morning in a Viennese Café, enjoy delicacies in the French countryside in the afternoon and go to a concert in Los Angeles in the evening. This would be the perfect day for Alisha, because she has the most fun when she can combine the best of many worlds.

Professionally, Alisha also likes to combine aspects that may sometimes not fit together at first glance, and is convinced that precisely these networks are needed for future-oriented and sustainable HR work that takes into account how different areas can positively influence each other.

She gained experience in combining strategic work and direct collaboration with teams both directly in companies of different industries and in external collaboration with employers of different sizes and structures.

Since January 2023, Alisha has been part of the DREHM team as a Sustainable HR Manager and is pleased to join our (work) worlds in order to rethink workplaces together and make a difference.