Ana-Marija Valland

The Creative Scientist

From an early age, Ana-Marija discovered a lifelong quest for learning and exploration through the captivating world of encyclopedias. Childhood curiosity blossomed into a fascination with natural sciences, the most recent stop along her journey being the completion of her master’s degree in Biological Chemistry.

Guided by a scientific mindset and a dedication to personal development and well-being, Ana-Marija finds balance by delving into functional movement and yoga. Within the ebb and flow of these practices, an integration of movement, creativity, and science forms the core of her holistic approach to well-being.

Beyond her analytical inclinations, her spirit seeks imagination and finds expression in the art of creative storytelling and crafting. Among all her interests, Ana-Marija found a harmonious intersection at DREHM, where she assumed the role of a medical writer, merging her love for natural sciences, well-being, and creativity.