Bianca Czeipek

The Active Strategist

When it comes to action, Bianca is at the forefront: whether it’s raging wildly on the playground with her two sons – climbing, swimming or building towers (Bianca can build the tallest towers), she always makes sure there’s no boredom.

Professionally, Bianca has already plunged into the pharmaceutical world in 2008 and since then has been working with enthusiasm for the marketing of various OTC brands. Whether market leader, global player or newcomer to the Austrian market – her enthusiasm for the field is contagious. Bianca was able to take advantage of the diversity that she appreciates in her free time, also professionally. Individual and innovative solutions for different brands require creative ideas – and structured implementation.

Bianca always has the right idea for the necessary relaxation: Whenever possible, a trip into the countryside will help her. Or food. Or cooking. Or yoga. Or garden work. Not to mention the travel planning, which she loves to take over. No matter whether short trip or long-distance travel.