Caius Stefan Giura

The All-round Project Manager

Caius started his career in pharma right at the moment when the EU changed the legislation, making pharmacovigilance the core discipline it is today in all ICH countries. It was an exciting time, with changes coming in fast, with interpretation discussions and implementation strategies. 

Over the years Caius has been involved in all aspects of PV, slowly moving towards compliance and quality management in PV. With a strong belief that technology and compliance should always go hand in hand, and a diverse project-management experience, Caius has overseen the implementation of various PV and computerized  systems throughout his career, which led him to joining the DREHM team in 2021. 

His love for project planning also manifests itself in his free time as he enjoys to organize Music Festivals and Cultural events – which is a much tougher project management job, with immediate feedback so you learn a lot faster. And doing ceramics teaches you about breaking a big project into little pieces and prioritizing tasks properly or you have to start over.