Eglė Rinkevičiūtė

The Knitting Chemist

After her first chemistry lesson at school, Eglė vowed that she will not need it – ever in her life. Funny enough, she developed a great passion for the subject and there was no other thought than to study chemistry. During her studies, she worked in the laboratory, where she was growing crystalline thin films.

In 2019, Eglė discovered pharmacovigilance by chance and started working in the field. In 2022, her way led her to the Prague PV team, which she has been supporting ever since. She enjoys having different tasks to keep things interesting.

In her free time Eglė is putting her hands and mind to work, by sewing and patternmaking, knitting, crocheting, and reading books. In the summer you can find her enjoying the countryside while cycling or hiking and visiting various castles around.