Johanna Gugler

The Language-loving Creative

You never see Johanna speechless. Whether during customer conversations, presentations, exchanges with colleagues, networking or as a host at DREHM’s own broadcast – our trained and experienced pharmaceutical marketing expert with a certified voice-over is often in use. And if not, she likes to let the words flow in text form – whether in SEO texts, fine slogans or health claims-compliant product descriptions.

Variety is Johanna’s top credo – and so she is exactly right in the external pharmaceutical marketing department: market research, potential analyses, business cases, launch plan developments, COPD support, filing words and pictures or one of the many customer-specific special projects, boredom and routine do not come up here.

In private, it is the same: From tractor driving licences to Krav Maga, marathon running and badminton to yoga to canoeing in the remote Yukon Territory – Johanna has already tried many things. In 2015, the family experience was added, and after relocating the adventures to playgrounds and cuddly animals, the world is now being explored together, including the office.

As Marketing Manager at DREHM Strategies, Johanna has found her dream job: Here she can use her know-how and experience for a wide range of clients and projects. Variety secured.