Lucie Otahalova

The Organized Explorer

Lucie’s educational background is philology, but she was thrown into the pharmaceutical world (by chance or by accident, who knows) and stayed in the field of pharmacovigilance for more than 10 years.

Since 2023, she has been supporting DREHM as a Vigilance Project Manager. The perfect position for Lucie: Her organizational talent and ability to communicate with clients and colleagues are put to good use here.

Her hobbies are always related to some activities in nature – from biking and hiking in the mountains, to exploring rivers on kayak. Lucie’s second great passion is traveling and getting to know different cultures. After finishing her studies, she lived and worked abroad for 7 years, including the UK, Belgium and Spain.

Spain has now also become her second home. Close to the sea and the Pyrenees mountains, Lucie has found her idyllic retreat and tries to escape as much as possible. For now, there is just a small land perfect for camping during summer vacation but one day there will be a self-built little house.