Maria Lichtneckert

The Athletic Pianist

Animals and nature have been Maria’s passion since childhood. Appropriately, she studied behavioral biology and worked as an assistant in a veterinary practice for two years during her studies. However, since her medical interest was also very high, she completed additional education as a nationally certified surgery assistant and medical sales representative.

Her world of work began immediately with clinical trials in the field of oncology and multiple sclerosis. She then gained some sale experience before finding her way to DREHM Pharma in 2022.

In her free time, Maria regularly meets family and friends, as she enjoys spending time with loved ones. She also loves sports and exercise and always likes to try out new activities. No matter if dancing classes, hiking or yoga – exercise clears her mind gives her good energy! An equally important part of her life is music, as she has been playing the piano since childhood. And sometimes when she just needs to rest she really enjoys sitting in the sun reading a good book.