Martin Pairer

The Powerful Breakfaster

Martin began his career at the HTL for Chemie Rosensteingasse, where he discovered his love for biochemistry at an early age. Therefore, studying biotechnology at the University of Soil Culture was only the logical consequence. Afterwards, he remained loyal to the university as a research associate before his curiosity led him into the world of software testing at an insurance company, where he further refined his soft skills, accuracy and thoroughness.

After another interlude at the University of Vienna, he finally joined DREHM Pharma in 2012 and has been keeping a watchful eye on the written and lived quality systems of our customers ever since.

Keeping an overview of the big picture and a structured focus are his strengths, but true to the motto “Stagnation is Retrograde”, he also constantly tries to acquire new knowledge.

Martin compensates for this mental challenge by enjoying sports in many variations – be it climbing, strength training, endurance sports, but also ball sports such as tennis – a hobby that he indulges with regular enthusiasm. Or he enjoys an extensive breakfast or relaxes in the evening while puzzling.