Nadine Linner

The Playful Hobby Cook

Always looking for new challenges and activities, Nadine wanted to take a new path after her experience in customer service and insurance and landed with some luck at DREHM Pharma. With her organizational talent and a wealth of ideas in office management, she supports DREHM on its journey and looks forward to continuing to grow together with the company.

Here she can pursue her passions anew every week, be it organising, managing new projects or even letting her creativity run wild every now and then. With her diversity and different interests, she always finds the recipe for the best solution in everyday office life.

In her spare time she has a lot of fun cooking, here she is inspired by the colorful culinary arts and food cultures from all over the world and always puts new ideas into practice. She wants to develop her cooking skills even further in order to put a smile on the face of her family and friends.