The Culinary Sunshine

Ravdip is a nutritionist from Vienna, her favourite city in Austria. In addition to her academic pursuits, Ravdip is passionate about staying physically and mentally healthy. As a fitness enthusiast who likes to use her free time for Pilates, Yoga or demanding HIIT workouts, Ravdip embodies discipline and determination and applies these qualities to all other areas of life. Her love for literature takes a fantastic turn, with a preference for reading on sun-drenched afternoons.

Ravdip is known for her warm-hearted and open-minded nature, complemented by a touch of sarcasm that adds a delightful twist to conversations. The name Ravdip itself signifies sunshine, reflecting her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life.

Whether immersed in the pages of a fantasy book or experimenting in the kitchen, Ravdip brings a ray of sunshine to every endeavor. Whether with Asian or Mexican influences, her creations testify to a palate that is characterized by her openness.