Sandra Hartbach

The Coffee-Nerd Dancer

The world of rhythm, music and dance makes her heart beat faster – from waltz to swing, Sandra can be very enthusiastic for both New and Old. She has been a dancer, choreographer and entertainer for quite some years, mainly focusing on Swing dances now. This has an effect on all she does – it’s all about rhythm and flow. Moreover, she is one of the few female DJs for original shellacs/78rpm records, shaking up the Swing dance floors.

With this mix of creativity and organization, Sandra has contributed in an extraordinary way to the development of DREHM since day one. Her originally linguistic, economic, legal and IT-technical foundations were soon supplemented by a solid pharma-regulatory knowledge, also combined in the field of eSubmissions that she’s been leading at DREHM since 2004.

Now Joint Owner, Managing Director, and still Head of Regulatory Affairs, Sandra is enthusiastic to shape the path of DREHM every single day and, together with her great team, to sweeten the day for their customers – with energy, passion and the right swing (plus of course the never-ending search for the perfect roasted coffee bean.)