Silvia Hufnagl

The Organizational Talent

Silvia initially came to Vienna to study biology – in the end she stayed. She loves the many possibilities of a big city combined with her beautiful garden, right in the middle of the city!

She joined DREHM’s Pharmacovigilance department in 2016 and has been able to learn a lot since then. She can now pass on her accumulated knowledge as a team leader to new colleagues. In this position also her previous professional experience as a project manager is put to good use and her knowledge of clinical trials was also incorporated into the DREHM-PV.

When she is not in the office planning, she likes to think about where the next trip or vacation could go. Even if it attracts her to distant countries, Austria is always worth a trip for her. When the holiday is over, she likes to design a photo book of it on grey winter evenings.

When Silvia is not out and about, she likes to relax in her garden or put on her running shoes and jog around Lainzer Tiergarten or Schönbrunn.