Tina Kreiner

The Versatile Creative

A single passion is far too little for Tina, she wants to try out many things and if possible, at the same time. Acting, writing theatre plays or directing are not enough for her. Next to these, Tina paints pop art pictures, creates costume jewelry, makes stage costumes and writes short stories.

In order not to lose her balance with all these creative activities, she also devotes a lot of time to mindfulness and pursues her passion for meditation every day. Tina also gathers strength and ideas for new creative tasks on her travels, especially in London, which has been her favorite city since her time at the EMA.

As well as her love of all things British, Tina has always remained true to Pharmacovigilance. After studying microbiology, she first appeared on the stages of the pharmaceutical industry in 2007 and made her appearance at DREHM in 2013.

Always in the field of Pharmacovigilance, but always in a new and exciting role. And because Tina is versatile, she also gives guest performances in the field of Quality Management, training and holds external seminars, because those who dare to change genres every now and then, will have the chance to see different perspectives.