A workday in the life of …

… Vigilance Project and Compliance Manager Caius Stefan Giura.

Caius is not one of the early risers and likes to give himself more time in the morning. He usually starts the day with a relaxed breakfast before starting work at 10:00. He has set up his own small office at home, where he can concentrate better and his three large monitors help him keep an overview. 🖥

Caius was the first employee of our Prague branch and since then has been supporting us and various clients in the implementation and maintenance of learning management systems. His day-to-day tasks always include a lot of IT administration, project planning and compliance issues.

At home, Caius is not only more productive at work, but also in household matters. He takes small breaks during the day and tidies up or waters his plants. 🌿 So he brings in a bit of movement and the apartment looks better at the end of the day.

For lunch he likes to cook himself or eat out. When calls with international customers are still waiting in the evening, he takes the afternoon off and devotes himself to his favourite hobby, pottery. He can switch off completely – he is also happy to give his finished ceramics to colleagues. 😊

Caius likes to work from home, but contact with his team is just as important to him! When he is in the office, he tries to spend as much time as possible with colleagues, have lunch together and work on joint projects.