A workday in the life of …

… Vigilance Project Manager Lucie Otahalova.

Lucie is a morning person and usually starts her workday at 7:30. She works alternately from home or in the office – an advantage of home office: she can check her e-mails and have breakfast in her pajamas. 🙂 For the right start to the day she needs her green tea and – most importantly – something sweet!

As a project manager, Lucie keeps an eye on everything important and takes care of the planning and organisation of various activities. Because she is the main contact person for customers, her typical work day always includes a few meetings.

For lunch she likes to cook herself or quickly get something fresh. In the afternoon she continues to work and as soon as she is finished, she goes out into the green. 🌳 Exercise and fresh air help Lucie to relax – her favourite leisure activity: kayaking! Except in winter, then she prefers to go to the theatre or cinema.

Lucie tries to come to the office twice a week, because the personal exchange and common lunch with her colleagues is very important to her. On these days she usually comes by bicycle and brings exercise into her everyday life. 🚲

For Lucie, the mix between working in the office and working at home has proven to be the best of both worlds and creates a pleasant balance!