Bigger, better, faster, more?

The delimitation of work, pressure to perform and lack of appreciation in the company – all these factors can lead to a burnout.

Psychotherapist and trainer Petra Heidler explained to us in a workshop what we as a company, but also each one of us, can do to counteract this.

What we take with us from the workshop:

🔸 Employees need security, appreciation and meaningful activity from the company. We must strive to give our employees a sense of security, value them and their work, and promote their strengths and interests.

🔹 Everyone has their own backpack of experiences, values and expectations that influence our perception, interpretation and actions. We have to take this into account if we want to interact with colleagues and understand each other better.

🔸 We need moments of breathing through. The boundaries between work and private life can often become blurred. And when time is running out, we often put our own needs aside. We must try to consciously take space and take breaks without feeling guilty.

🔹 And if it gets too much or something isn’t working well, keep swimming, but adjust the pace.

Thank you Petra for this valuable workshop!