Who rows leads …

At least rowing was part of our 3-day kick-off workshop for our two-year executive program. 🚣

The first two very intensive days started with a personality analysis of the managers and an actual/should survey on the topic of leadership in a self-organised company. We also reflected on the different management methods and their challenges in the individual departments. 💭

On the third day, it became practical. The “Consuls, Mediators, Activists, etc” have tried to implement the insights gained under the guidance of former World Rowing Champion and Olympic Games participant Bernhard Sieber, in 4-seater rowing boats. We learned a lot about communication and trust as well as strength-based leadership and personal coordination skills. And we didn’t go swimming with it. 💪

At the end of the workshop, we outlined the vision of the management in the company and defined the first measures.

Many thanks to Katharina Schnitzler from Corporate Health Consulting for the great accompaniment and moderation of this workshop and the exciting prospects for the next two years.