Yes, we did it again! 💥

Sandra Götsch-Schmidt and Bianca Czeipek are having a lot of fun right now – because they are working on a very big thing:

A new medical marketing project with EU-wide rollout for an international large corporation! 🤩

The client, who is responsible for Medical & Technical Affairs in Europe, has commissioned the two for the fifth time. The result of many years of collaboration: A great creative leeway based on trust – the ideal recipe for success for outstanding medical marketing projects!

💡 What will it be about? Everything revolves around the theme of “Cough and Cold”.

🎯 Where is the project used? It will be rolled out in several stages and will be versatile: as a KOL engagement (e.g. at congresses), as a training tool up to daily practice in pharmacies.

Through their cross-departmental work, Sandra and Bianca show 👉 Science can be packaged in an exciting way for target groups. The result is a new and unique symbiosis every time. ✨

The two have developed into our unbeatable medical marketing duo. 💪

We are looking forward to more exciting medical marketing projects from both of you. 😍